Sales and Project Management

Your Partner, Every Step of the Way

When you approach USA to bid on a project, you won’t have to ask twice and we’ll never leave you hanging.

Personal Sales Management

Your knowledgeable District Sales Manager will guide you, step by step, through the transaction process. USA sales personnel are well qualified to make project recommendations and assist you in establishing your key building requirements. We welcome questions, we provide answers. In addition to assessing your initial project parameters, a USA District Sales Manager will also acquaint you with our extensive, unique products and services. Once customers understand all that’s possible through partnership with USA, their projects almost always refine and often expand! We’re excited to make you aware of the possibilities and set you on the right track from Day One.

Custom Specs

At USA, we know that each project is different and our sales staff is charged with not only making our customers feel heard, but making sure you actually are heard. We take your goals, requirements and specifications very seriously from the outset in order to provide the most comprehensive, accurate proposal possible. We will only establish a timeline and proceed with the next phase—design and engineering—when we are absolutely certain that the framework of your project has a solid foundation on which to build.

Leading Up To Construction

Once you’ve wisely chosen us to spearhead your project, your USA team will be in touch daily. In addition to your District Sales Manager, you will have a personal Project Manager responsible for coordinating all communication between you and USA departments such as engineering, drafting, production and shipping. Your Project Manager will also oversee all contract documents to ensure we meet all project requirements, carefully monitoring and processing any changes that come along the way.

Taking Ownership

A USA personal Project Manager views each customer as a partner. Basically, Project Managers at our company take full ownership of their projects. They’re invested in your success since they measure a project’s progress in hours and days.  USA Project Managers live and breathe deadlines and schedules — the ability to look weeks and months down the road in order to monitor and confirm optimum incremental output from each USA department. As daily overseers, personal Project Managers know the capacity and capability of each department and each USA staff member. Customers can be confident that their metal building project, large or small, gets all the attention it needs at USA.

Ready to Roll

We have District Managers across the central and eastern United States with all bids and sales coordinated at our Houston, Texas, and Portland, Tennessee, plants. Click below to contact us. We’re ready to make your next project our top priority.

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