Design And Engineering

The Steel Building Engineering Experts

Whether you come to USA with a six-week fast-track project or a multi-million dollar undertaking, if you require design and engineering services for a steel structure, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our Circle of Steel

USA experienced and licensed professional engineers perform their tasks completely in-house. Unlike some companies who subcontract elements of a project, USA’s staff is all under one roof working toward a united goal: to serve you with maximum efficiency and focus. Our designers and engineers are trained to work in tandem with their fellow staff members in a way that uniquely benefits USA customers.

Engineering Part By Part

Proficient in the latest in metal building software, USA designers and engineers are talented at taking an architect’s or builder’s concept forward with proficiency and accuracy. They understand metal building design and component connections through and through, with in-depth knowledge of steel building codes. By the time USA presents a customer with a final plan, that plan will include every single piece of metal to be fabricated in accordance with AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) design guidelines. USA manufacturing facilities have been certified by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), satisfying 472 strict criteria. The IAS AC472 audit reviews our engineering, procurement and fabrication activities on a semiannual basis.

The Shape of Metal

Using the strength of steel and the countless prismatic shapes possible, USA is able to design and fabricate with few limitations. Regardless of span, crane capacity or any other complex issue, we have the team it takes to perform. Projects may include mezzanines, multiple floors, hipped roofs, high seismic design— even hurricane wind force design

On the Construction Jobsite

USA engineers and designers are portable. Whenever necessary in the construction phase of your project, they are fine with leaving the office and heading down to the jobsite to clarify and interpret plans and specs, troubleshooting on the spot whenever necessary. Further, USA personnel are not territorial. When partnering with a customer’s architect or outside engineer, USA engineers and designers leave their egos elsewhere. Many creative professionals claim to be “team players” but USA professionals live it. Their sole priority is excellence in customer service with a first-rate building as the final result.

Let’s Get Started

At United Structures of America, we have a saying: “If a magnet will stick to it, we can fabricate it.” If you have a vision for a steel building, United Structures of America is the company to engineer it for you.

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