BIM Modeling

Utilizing the Latest Technology

At USA, we offer the option of building information modeling (BIM) to our customers. While all USA building plans are precise, BIM offers a remarkable tool to keep the whole project team even more in sync.

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Advantage

Costly repairs and schedule-busting delays can result if customers, architects, engineers or construction trades find themselves with conflicting aesthetic visions or building plans after a project has broken ground. Even the most experienced contractor out there has probably run up against this—particularly with large, complex projects.

A Different Kind of Building Model

Architectural renderings or small scale physical building models only go so far. This is especially true when an architectural plan’s not been subjected to the kind of rigorous engineering analysis USA provides. A building must be, well, buildable. Not only is BIM a behind-the-walls plan for how the building will function, but this kind of visual is often more of a marketing tool for boards of directors and investors. Drawings and details will follow, of course, but BIM minimizes the risk for errors and revisions.

Coordinated Construction

Virtual architectural imaging and digitalization of building specifications through BIM allow USA to maintain a common working platform for one and all with even greater efficiency. Team members have a heightened ability to execute each part of the plan without stepping on each other’s toes. By working with various project team players and sharing our model with various other trades, we ensure the least amount of conflict during construction.

Up-To-Date Building Plans

Beyond starting off on the right foot, BIM helps keep USA projects on track throughout the building process. The software updates each and every time any member of the team makes a change, lessening the chance that someone will grab an old blueprint or spec sheet by mistake. Communication and coordination take a USA building smoothly through the ribbon cutting and beyond. 

Life of the Building

Years after USA has completed a project for a customer, be it airline hangar or industrial plant, the BIM program remains behind to aid in ongoing building operation and maintenance. All in all, the additional cost of opting for BIM provides excellent added value.

“Our Commitment to staying at the forefront of steel engineering and detailing technology has been key to the success of our clients and partners”
– Kyle Parrish
Vice President, Operations
United Structures of America
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