How to Make a Warranty Claim

Standing Behind Our Work

Warranty claims are a rare event at USA, but in the unlikely event that it’s needed, we make the process as simple as possible.

Should you need to file a claim due to the warrantied product not performing according to expectations the following will apply:

  • It will be necessary for the buyer or owner to investigate the issue and gather as much information before filing a claim.
  • A written claim is to be transmitted to USA, Inc. within thirty days of the discovery of the defiency. This claim will consist of a copy of the signed warranty and a detailed description of the product defect. Claims may be submitted to USA, Inc. Warranty Claims; 1912 Buschong; Houston, TX 77039 or emailed to
  • A representative of USA, Inc. will contact you upon receipt of the warranty claim. The claim will be reviewed and you may be asked to provide pictures and samples. Panel samples are tested by USA, Inc. to determine the defective agent.
  • At the discretion of USA, Inc. a representative may be sent to inspect the defective material.
  • Reimbursement of all investigation cost incurred for claims not covered by the warranties will be the responsibility of the owner. Failure to do so will release USA, Inc. and the builder from all obligations under this warranty.
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