Hybrid Structures

Combination Steel Buildings

Some of the most complex projects we tackle involve creating USA steel building structures designed to integrate and be erected simultaneously with conventional steel structures. Few steel companies are able to seamlessly integrate their products and services in this way—many won’t even attempt such a venture. It takes experience to get it right.

Hybrid Building Catching On

Let’s say a growing church decides to build a new brick-and-mortar sanctuary with meeting rooms and offices…but also needs a nearby gymnasium and youth center—a structure better suited to steel construction? Likewise, a manufacturer may prefer one sort of administrative office building and another sort of industrial facility located on the same site. There are a number of scenarios where entities feel best served by a combination of building types for the same project. The secret is finding a steel building fabricator who has the experience  to seamlessly coordinate with other  vendors on the project.

Enter USA

Perhaps it’s economic growth, perhaps it’s our reputation, perhaps the rest of the building industry is catching on to the many uses for, and versatility of, steel structures. USA receives an increasing number of requests to partner in hybrid building. We’re pleased to offer our steel erection expertise for these projects.

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