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The Steel Standard

One of the largest privately held engineering and steel fabrication companies operating under one brand, USA offers service that is the industry gold standard. Or rather, let’s call it the steel standard.

Why USA?

Exceptional engineering skills and top of the line drafting capability help drive a product that can be fabricated and installed efficiently. The teams at USA not only think about what it takes to engineer and detail a project, but also the constructability of a project – we see the big picture and strive to design, detail, and fabricate accordingly.

Engineers have been called the backbone of modern industrial society. The most successful, and USA engineers number among those, are characterized by problem-solving skills and a drive, simply, to figure things out. USA customers have the advantage of dealing directly with the creative force behind their projects.

Team Engineering

Builders and contractors quickly learn the difference it makes in speed and fluidity to work with USA owners and decision makers who are involved in everyday business. It’s all hands on deck, from the top down.

USA will be an integral member of your team from the beginning. It’s personal for us. Our mission is to bring in your project safely, on time and on budget with minimum red tape. Our customers can testify that we reliably fulfill that mission.

Details and Decisions

When a client calls USA with a request or concern, there will be someone available within minutes who can make an instant decision and implement that decision without delay. We perform all engineering and drafting services in-house.

Comprehensive Fabrication

Very few pre-engineered fabricators also offer structural steel fabrication. Though Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) have been our core focus over the years, at this point the term “pre-engineered” is rather antiquated as all buildings today are custom. By blending PEMBs with structural steel, great and unique structures can be built.

Global Construction

The USA reach is global with projects of massive scope. With facilities of like size and capability in Houston, Texas, and Portland, Tennessee, we have the ability to fabricate 1600 tons weekly! Even so, we retain the ability to serve smaller clients with the same personal attention and efficiency. USA serves a myriad of clients: aviation, power generation, distribution, religious institutions, education, retail, gaming and even residential.

“Right from the time we approached USA with the difficult task of providing & meeting the designed 2” max deflection over a 225’ clear span on this project, your staff has been positive, courteous, and helpful and have met our rigorous schedule requirements. It is obvious that each employee at USA takes great pride in their work.”
– Gregg Quisenberry
Senior Project Manager
MW Builders, Inc.

Case Studies

Midland Horseshoe Pavilion

This project had many challenging requirements including  2” max deflection over a 225’ clear spans, rigorous schedule demands and over 2 million pounds of steel categorized and delivered withing 90 days. How did USA do? We’ll let the our client-partner’s words speak for themself.

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Scott, Murphy & Daniels


Leave it to USA to make the impossible possible, time and time again. After a handful of projects with tight deadlines and complex building requirements, we’ve proven to be an invaluable asset in meeting our client’s needs. Check out our client-partner’s take on our reliable service over the years.

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