USA For Architects

Partnering With Architects

Very few metal building manufacturers are willing or able to work with an architect on the front end of a project. At United Structures of America, collaborating with architects is a specialty. In fact, it’s quite common for architects to ask USA to assist them in turning their visions into buildable realities. That’s because for the architect conceiving a metal building, USA is an obvious choice. We’re a company owned by and run by engineers, the architect’s essential partner in building construction.

A Custom Building Resource

In addition to our experience in this kind of partnership, we offer the flexibility and aesthetic choices important to a design professional. Through USA, architects have access to a wide selection of materials custom-designed to meet their preferences, from finishes to material colors to fabricating specifications. Want a green building? USA does that. Need some supplemental design assistance? USA has a large in-house team of designers and draftsmen standing by. Want the latest building imaging modeling (BIM) software for your project? USA offers BIM.

Safety and the Steel Structure

Obviously, the structural considerations for an architectural concept are essential to the safe and efficient operation of the ultimate building. USA manufacturing facilities have been certified by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), satisfying 472 strict criteria. The IAS AC472 audit reviews our engineering, procurement and fabrication activities on a semiannual basis. Each piece of metal we provide our architectural partners will safely support his or her vision.

Once those parameters are in place, USA can take the project all the way—from working with the contractor to calculate the cost and establish a budget and schedule, to the final product.

Bidding on Fabrication

Although it’s not unusual for a client to need us to bid on the fabrication separately from the architectural consulting, generally USA takes the project to fruition. Our bid is likely to be the most accurate and best informed.

Beyond the Hard Hat

We wear all the hats—company owner, engineer, architectural consultant, contracting partner. In the metal building industry, USA really does stand apart in our capacity to be part of an entire metal building project, large or small, from beginning to end. As an engineering driven company USA is the architect’s essential partner in building construction.

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