USA Company History

Growing Up With Steel

By choosing United Structures of America, you’re shaking hands with a second generation of metal building engineers and fabricators.

When our fathers opened the doors in 1980, the industry was barely out of its infancy, still producing structures that were little more than simple boxes for warehousing and storage. However, the company founders had an ambitious vision for the future of the metal building industry that USA continues to embody. The attitude of everyone at the USA helm has been, and still is, that we will never stop advancing. We’ve accomplished a great deal; we intend to do more.

Testing Our Metal

In the beginning, our company was faced with the challenge of breaking into an extremely insular industry, limited in its vision. Entrenched inter-business relationships had resulted in scant competition and innovation. To even get the chance to bid on most of the typical projects at the time, a steel fabrication company needed to have an established relationship with various entities. So instead, USA forged a reputation for deliberately targeting complex projects that required inventiveness and a multifaceted approach. Word spread.

Building Today

As a result, USA played a pioneering role in developing the metal building industry as it exists today. We took metal fabrication to the next level, creating buildings of a size and scope that would make our fathers proud. Again, USA has a philosophy of continuous improvement — it’s a companywide mindset. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Every day, every project, is a chance to become even better, to keep adapting and changing.

Still Fabricating Steel

We’ll never forget the men who launched us on this journey and we will remember our foundation. We will keep the core focus that some seem to have lost—to fabricate steel that will withstand the test of time.

Our history speaks for itself.

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