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About United Structures of America, inc.

United Structures of America, Inc. was founded in 1980.  The owners of the company had many years experience in the metal building industry and knew what was required if a company was to be successful. Today USA, Inc. is managed by a second generation of engineers and fabricators.  Our size and staff is large enough to handle the most complex of projects, yet nimble enough to serve our clients personally.  Pride is an important component of our motivation and as with all of our projects, we make a conserted effort to work with all trades to ensure a successfully completed project.

For a metal building manufacturer to attract qualified builders and erectors to represent their product in the market place, the manufacturer must be reputable, honest, provide quality products and meet their commitments. We work with our builders, and believe our builders are a part of the USA, Inc. family and should be treated as such.
Using the strength of steel and countless prismatic shapes, we are able to design and fabricate with few limitations.  Regardless of span, crane capacity or any other complex issue, we have the team it takes to perform.  United Structures of America, Inc. is an engineering driven company with the strength for projects atypical within the industry.  We are an organization built on the passion to perform without exception using sound engineering and manufacturing principles as our foundation.
Since 1980, United Structures of America, Inc. has been doing business the old fashioned way - the tradition of working hard to service our customers and earning their trust to develop long standing relationships.